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I signed a 2 year contract which was my first mistake. I was told my download internet speed would go from 30 MB to 50 MB service. I was told I did not need to upgrade Mediacom modem to take advantage of the increased speed. Me first appointment was to have an extra cable TV box installed. When the service guy showed up for the first appointment he asked me why he was at my house, he said he had no paperwork. He did put in the cable box and told me about an hour after he left I would see the increase internet speed.

Even after checking my speed a few days later I noticed no change in speed. I did some research online and found the Mediacom modem I had did not support 50 MB speed.

I called Mediacom and then was told I needed a newer modem installed to take advantage of the 50 MB speed. They came and installed a HightronTechnologies modem which seemed to be working fine at first. Every day after that I’ve had to restart it about 4 times a day. It is sometimes very slow. I made several calls to support and they have tried different things but still major issues.

They setup an appointment a week out to come and install a different modem. I got a call the appointment was cancelled because they have a bunch of installs to do.

They setup another meeting two weeks out. I get a call from Zach halfway into the two hour window of them being at my house, to tell me they don’t have a modem, so there is no reason for them to come.

Zach gave me 2 options. One was to have a modem mailed to me which would take a week. I could then install it and have them activate it by calling them. Second option was to drive about 5 miles down the road to Mediacom and take my bad modem and get a replacement. The service guy never offered to even get a modem….. Unbelievable.

Shortly after getting off the phone with the service guy that was supposed to install the modem, I got a call from Medicom wanting to know how my appointment went. I talked with someone explaining all the above. This person said it should not be my job to go get a modem. She put me on hold and told me she would try to talk with a supervisor and see if she could line up an appointment tomorrow and have the person get the modem. After being on hold for about 20 minutes I got disconnected. About 10 minutes later Zach calls me saying he was dispatched and asked to come to my house because I have issues. Somehow having someone show up at my house tomorrow with a modem, got translated to showing up now without a modem.

As of right now, I don’t know of anyone planning to show up ever with a modem to take care of this issue. I may have to drive down the road and do it myself.

Be careful on who you choose, I will be looking at switching when my contract is up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I'm sorry to hear of this poor experience. I assure you that this is not the level of service that we strive for, and I would like to assist in any way that I can to correct this trouble and improve your service experience.

If you'd like, please send us your account details, along with a brief description of the trouble, to our team at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com. We hope to hear from you!

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