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never ever pay for mediacom high speed internet!! i can put the pixels together faster by hand than mediacom can stream it. I'm a huge video watcher online and have dealt with the worst internet i have ever had. I timed how long it takes to watch a 22 minute tv show online. 2 hours later i had watched it get chopped up and buffer the entire time. i made sure not to use the internet for anything else during the test.

I would really like to know what I'm paying for cause it certain isn't high speed internet... F mediacom, hope you go bankrupt soon...

Mediacom makes dial-up look amazing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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It is unfortunate that you have had such a negative experience with our services. I would be more than happy to look into this matter for you and see if we can resolve this. Please email your phone# or account# to me at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com and I will look into your service issues right away. I look forward to hearing from you.



Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications

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