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Customer retention is of no importance. I know mediacom is not alone in this, most satellite/cable companies now require 2 year contracts instead of 1, price going up the second year is now guaranteed, and you have to switch providers and come back later if you want the intro rate all over again.

The $90 triple play is reasonable, but the skyrocket to $200 after promo period is rediculous and unjustifiable. I tried several times to speak to retention dept. but no negotiating. I could enter a 2 year contract for 50% more than I'm paying now or go with no contract and let my rates double.

In the past when they did 1 year agreements I was able to go another year for almost the same but that's it, appears that policy is over. You can come back and apologize to this post and allow me to contact you but sorry, the damage is done. This is now a forum to let people know there are other and better choices out there. I will likely continue internet (until Carver county fiber optic is up and running) only because I'm to scared to try CenturyLink DSL (too much at risk to get stuck with someone unreliable).

Your internet alone at $65 is double what it should be but it's at least reliable and with no other good services avail. I guess you have me cornered there. Phone will go to magicjack plus (basically $120 up front and $30/year thereafter) and Dish Network equivalent TV stations are about half to 2/3 the price of Meciacom equivalent.

Sorry. I wanted to make this work with Mediacom but the feeling just wasn't mutual.

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we are become more informative by satellite


OK so now one month after cancelling 2 of 3 services they send me an offer for all 3 services at $120 for 5 years guaranteed. I asked for this 3-4 times over the phone before cancelling and nobody would budge.

It was like they were spitting in my face. Too late now, we have magic jack plus for phone (so far no problems); and we're living with OTA TV and Netflix. Everything we watch weekly is on the day after for free if we miss it at air time.

I may spend $200-$250 for my own HDD DVR from Wal Mart but once I do that I'll never need a DVR again (I've already paid more than that in rental to Mediacom for their DVR rental service scam). Goodbye forever on your phone and cable services.


Oh I forgot....why do you need to review the " account "? Just offer a competitive product without loop holes.


I have had nothing but trouble with Mediacom....and talk about poor customer service. ....cancelled everything went with our local company and local stations only...besides life is to short to care about what reality shows are doing.BTW...seems like you only get good customer service when you post it in a public forum....hmmmmm.


Sorry, too late. The changes were made.

I tried several times on the phone but nobody would offer a better rate. I'm done with companies that offer a compelling intro rate but require a contract that lasts much longer than the promo period and have no interest in retaining the customer once it's over.

Adapt quickly or watch the likes of Hulu and Netflix take over the market. Thank you for responding at least but I got my answer from the several attempts I made to negotiate over the phone (a service which I no longe have with you, I might add).


We can post the offer publicly if you would like, but to make sure the offer we have is valid for your account we would need to review your account. If you can email us your telephone# or account# we can get back with you on this.



Mediacom Social Media Team


Thanks for the response and offer Dallas, but I'm sure everyone here wants to see what you have to offer so let's keep it public. Afterall, I've already tried and failed at the direct negotiating route (multiple times).

What price can you give me for a 3 year commitment for internet and cable with 1 HD/DVR rental? Phone is now off the table.

Standard cable TV package that includes Starz/Encore. Here's your chance to show the world your good side...


I would be happy to review your account to see what can be done to lower the cost. Please contact me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Mediacom Social Media Team

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