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Update by user Sep 24, 2014

Just got off the phone with directv and frontier and they will be here tomorow.

Original review posted by user Sep 24, 2014

Had service installed around the end of February or March. Intrnet has gone out for 1 minute to 3-4 hours almost every day.

Had three different service calls in regards to this issue and it was never taken care of and I gave up. Decided that we would add another tivo to my daughter who lives in an apartment in the back that is still on my property and about 50 feet from my back door to her front door. Explained that the cable wire and ethernet wire was ran through the air and through tree limbs. Was told no problem.

Recieved the new mini and que, service installer arrived (Mark with integrity) very nice man. He informed me that the wire had to be burried to install new equipment. Went to Marion IL Menards and purchased wire and conduit, burried the line where he suggested. Called mediacom back to let them know we were ready for it.

Chris a very nice man from again integrity came out, he is the VERY FIRST PERSON TO ASK if the apartment in back had it's own electric meter and address. The answer was yes, however before we chose to add the 2nd que and 3rd mini we asked for service for that location, mediacom call center informed me "it was not a servicable address". As to why we were adding equipment not starting new service. Chris proceeded to inform me that he could add equipment but since I was told sevice could not be started there they would try and figure something out.

He waited a bit for a call back to see what his next step would be. He had other calls to get to so he ended up leaving to take care of them but promised to come back. As of this moment that was 7 hours ago. I have called mediacom several times along with integrity.

I have been paying almost 200.00 a month for this service with little issue with tivo until two days ago when tivo showed that it was recording my shows but when the show ended that show just disapeered and it was no where to be found. So I need this box fixed.

Regardless of installing the que next door one mini and the que should have been installed yet nothing has been done. While talking to a John/Jon in Iowa he interupted on more than one occasion, instead of being friendly and trying to take care of me he asked if I would like to be transfered to the cancel service department.

WOW mediacom way to take care of your customers.

This is only my first post, I plan on posting on every Facebook page possible along with posting this to twitter, instagram and a youtube video to be uploaded soon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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