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after the ice storm,i had no phone or internet for 5 days, as i could not get through to customer service. i was on hold for hours,on a pay phone in the cold.

i had to call the digital cable number to talk to a "person",who was very kind and cordial.(thank you patrick) my main complaint is not being able to talk to a human when you have a problem. Mediacom boasts they have 24 hour customer service,but they put you on hold,or have the "computer girl",walk you through what could be wrong with your computer,while i keep saying,"get me a human",

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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I can verify this. This ALWAYS happens with mediacomm.

You are pretty much guaranteed to be on hold for AT LEAST half an hour, usually closer to an hour, IF you can find one of their numbers that doesn't ring busy. However, you usually don't get anybody who's cordial, but rather in a hurry to get rid of you, and blame pets you don't have for problems that are obviously mediacom's.

Don't worry though, after a few months of their service, you'll realize how pointless it is to call them, and won't waste your time any more, you'll just suffer through the various poor and out of service periods, and only calling when you're desperate, completely out of service for a long period, and know that mediacomm can't say it's not their problem

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