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We happen to receive our cable, internet and phone system through Mediacom. Worst service provider ever. Have had Dish Network, ImOn, Time Warner, Cox Cable and none have been as big of a joke as Mediacom. At least once a week our internet minimum, but also our phone and cable go out thanks to their updating. They tell us it will be down between midnight and six in the morning. Most the time it is down until around nine or ten in the morning.

What irritates me the most is we pay for a service we can't use on a regular basis, not to mention the quality of their service, in terms of picture coming through the television is horrible. We have had them out numerous times only to waste time and the problem still exists, but I digress.

The reason I am angry now is because this last evening, 4-18-2012, Mediacom once again performed their updates. The cable, phone and internet are run through the computer modem so when they mess with the modem we lose all. There was no warning at all they were doing so and at six-thirty our services were still down. A call to the company only produced and automated message informing us that services may be down frequently between midnight and six in the morning to update.

I am pleased the company insists on keeping their services up to date, but a little warning could be helpful. That isn't the only angry point I am feeling. What I recently learned is that with living with two rapidly aging relatives the Life Alert system is also tied through the phone system. Without warning our cable, internet and phone services were down, they stayed down longer than the automated message informed, and well they also interrupted the safety of members in my family, should an emergency arise. Some of us carry cell phones, but not the elderly members, they solely rely on Life Alert, who is responsible should something happen? When we are unable to call 911 in an emergency. If I had it do all over again, we most certainly would have chosen another cable provider.

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HAHAHAHAHA! I am laughing my rear end off here now. Good old James, the Mediacrap Social Media Fraud says here updates are between 12-6am. Well they updated again starting on Sunday May 27, 2012 our internet going down around 11pm central time. Well guess what at 10 AM Monday May 28 the internet finally began to work once more. When you say between 12-6 am, do you mean all in the same time zone? Or 12 am eastern time and 6 am Japanese time?

What is an even bigger joke is reading all these complaints on Mediacrap our social media fraud representative, Tom, Dallas, James, whoever it is this time, their responses say the exact same thing. Reminds me of a pre-recorded message, much like the ones a person so often gets when trying to call customer service. Ironic?

Our contract is up in October, and thankfully we have more than one option for service in our area.

I think given the opportunity to switch, the outcome is a given. At this time, I am so eager to get rid of Mediacrap, our family is willing to live without internet, or go through our cell phone providers. The extra cost is so worth it.


We do updates between 12-6am, although it should not be every night. If you would like to send me an email with your account number or phone number to I would be more than happy to see if there is something else going on with the service to cause it to go down this often.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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