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I had no choice when I moved into a house that I am renting but to use the Mediacom service, as the house was wired for it and I was not allowed to rewire for an alternate service.

They continually have raised my rates, and not by just a little bit either. When I have called or stepped into the office, most of the people are rude-I think probably because they encounter so many dissatisfied customers! And, a lot of them can barely speak English, so customer service is very lacking as well.

I have cut back to the slowest internet speed they have and cut my channels to the bare minimum. I would NEVER recommend Mediacom cable service to anyone and as soon as I can move, I will be using another cable & internet provider.

I have had over 12 DVR boxes in 2 years-they are reconditioned and poor quality. The Mediacom company thinks they have a monopoly on cable & internet service and until the people start using other services it is only going to get worse!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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I agree, they have POOR customer service! I'm sooo ready to close my contract

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