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I had Direct TV prior to a recent move from south central Illinois to north of Peoria. I chose to change to Mediacom. I am very dissatisfied with the HD Tv channels. Direct TV is light years ahead of Mediacom. I would not recommend Mediacom TV to anyone. Also Mediacom cost much more than the exceptional quality of Direct TV HD.

I also have Mediacom Internet which is supposed to be 15MB download. It has never been faster than 11MB, but they continue to advertise 15MB service.

If anyone want exceptional HD Television, sign up with Direct TV. I had Dish Network for a few years and it too is many years behind Direct TV. I will go back to Direct TV as soon as my contract is up.

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I would be happy to check over the account to make sure you are receiving all of the available HD content you have signed up for. Please send your account information to socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com.



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