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On Friday, the mediacom technicians were working on the wiring in my mother's neighborhood. They knocked on her door to get permission to access the lines at her house as they were claimed they were getting feedback or static from her house.

NOTE - Everything was working fine before they arrived in the neighborhood.

Apparently they finished their work on some of the poles just down the road and left. When I stopped by, she was without her bundled phone service and internet service (TV still worked). After going through the usual reset procedure that are required far too often, I called mediacom and got their automated system.

NOTE - I pay this mediacom bill. Their customer service automated system works great (when they are collecting money). It is horrendous when trying to troubleshoot a problem.

Finally, I ended up on the line with a service rep who suggested all of the same steps I had already completed. I did them again even though I had already pointed out that the problem came up only after the techs had messed with the outside lines. There was nothing they could do remotely, so a service call was scheduled for Monday.

Summation - mediacom techs were "fixing" lines in the area, they broke something to do with the service at my mother's house, so they left a 73 year old lady without phone service until they can be bothered to come out and fix what they broke. All of this after having little price increases every other month last year and a significant price increase at the beginning of this year. The only way they get by with this poor excuse for a service is because they have a monopoly in this area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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