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After my two year contract expired, my monthly bill sky rocketed. I contacted mediacom and inquired about the introductory rate that is offered to new customers.

Nope! can't have it. They told me I would have to cancel my service for 90 days to be a new customer again and be eligible for the new customer rate. By canceling for 90 days and renewing with them after that time, I will save myself over 1500 dollars over two years.

They sent me boxes to mail their *** back, just to have an installer come back out here in a couple of months to put it back. Great job mediacom.

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Mobile, Alabama, United States #641766

*** those company policies. I shove it to them all the time.

Cancel the service and then as a new customer sign up using a wife or girlfriends name. Make sure to get a new username and use a different credit card than you previously used.

Middletown, New York, United States #640901


We do offer promotions for both new and existing customers. Please email me at and I will see what can be done with your account.


Mediacom Social Media Team

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #640877

You must have skipped over the part where the offer was for "NEW CUSTOMERS" Why do you feel so entitled? Read it more slowly and try again!

N E W CUSTOMERS---- Means a person that has not had service with the company before. Just because you paid your bill doesn't make you special.

Sorry. :p

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