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Suck mediacon sucks hence the word mediaCON 10 days out for your tech to come out hhhhhmmmm but..... There just never seams to be a problem with you taking our money unfortunately I live where you are the only provider the minute we are able to switch we will and of course you will charge me and my family 200 bucks to cancel but hey not a big deal I would pay triple to can this crappy service today let me in charge of your customer service for a week and I guarantee most of your issues would be gone!!!

Customer service is my greatest asset with the business I run a+ rating with the bbb for a reason your *** employee that I called with his unprofessional attitude would be the first person I would fire and hey why don't you do the math cut salaries work on your *** malfunctioning equipment and put your *** in front of your own tv with some of your family and friends turn on the mighty Blackhawks and no game great time!!!!! For the love of god I would rather have the old rabbit ears with tin foil again brutal!!! That's it for now and anyone thinking about using mediacon run run far away!!!!

Pissed off in Chicago !!!!

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Middletown, New York, United States #625687

Please give us a chance to show you the great customer service that we have to offer. Send us an email to socialmediacomteam@mediacomcc.com, and we will get the ball rolling.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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