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I have been trying to get Mediacom for a couple months now. They sent 2 technicians to my house to determine if we could be connected to their service.

Both returned to messages to Mediacom saying that we are not serviceable. the problem is that we have a Mediacom box in the front of our house. I called to explain and was told that a supervisor would come out. a couple days later the supervisor knocked on our door and told us that he didn't know why there was a problem.

He saw the box, opened it and said that we would be able to have the service. The problem with that was he did not notify his company. I called back to sign up and was told they had no record of that and that we were not serviceable. I explained that they sent out a supervisor and was told no they did not and they were very disrespectful.

Now they are sending another supervisor. This company obviously has internal issues.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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You probably can't take a hint. I worked for medcon.

Customer history is deep they remember you. Don't complain for freebies and switch providers every month and would get better Customer service.

to Anonymous #1128068

Oh please. No one is complaining for "freebies", they just want to get the service they pay for, Fool. Seriously, some of you Mediacom sheeple are a disgrace.

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