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i moved into my house 3 months ago. i had Mediacom install cable in my home.

thats where my nightmare started. in one room they dropped the cable wire directly from the ceiling in the closet, ran it out of the closet to the back of the tv. i cant even close the closet door now. Granted i dont live in a million dollar home, its still my home and this looks terrible.

i have had trouble in one or more rooms since day one. i have had to call them out approx. 6 times now to either replace shotty boxes or whatever it is they do. Only to have them leave and have to call them back for the same problems over and over.

When i asked a tech to fix the wire that is preventing the closet door not to shut, he said that that is how the had to do it, so i had to have a freind come and try to hide it under the baseboard just for cosmetic reason. Anyway, i have been missing numerous hours of working waiting on techs for all of these calls (always a 4 hour window that they push to the brink) and cannot afford to keep doing so being that i am a single mother of 3. they have not offered me any rebates and told me that i cannot terminate my contract without paying a $240.00 penalty that i certainly cannot afford. REALLY?

i had a tech come on Monday b/c one box went completely out all of the sudden and another blinks out every 3 minutes constantly. they came and replaced the one box and said the other was a result of a bad splitter, which they supposedly replaced.. i went back to work, came home, box didnt work, and the other is still blinking!

I mean what am i going to have to do for them to get this right????? i am so frustrated and angry and when i call, nobody will let me speak to a manager...

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