On 8/6/11,signed up for Mediacom, on6th technician comes out to tell me Ped has never been installed, cant hook up till its done and will turn in the trouble call, next week they send another technincian and said they need to send the construction side to do the cable hookup on the outside which was never completed in my front yard for 6yrs. Now it is Aug 29 and this past weekend,called again and they said some one will be out there to do it.Mean time I had to reconnect to my old provider and pay a fee cuz I did not know I would have this much trouble getting cable hooked up.

As I am sitting here waiting again for someone to call me. The supv has been told about this and they said they emaild the cable side and told them it was urgent (that was last week) that maintenance man showed up on Friday and looked at the cable sticking out of the ground and talk to someone on his cell for 15min and drove off.

So again here I am just waiting to see what has happened to customer service. You are not allowed to talk to anyone but the operators who knows absolutly nothing but to take your order or sell you something.

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Not very surprised. Have had some problems with

Mediacom internet speed not being as fast as advertised, but was lucky, I guess to get it hooked up quickly.

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, Mediacom may be the only provider near you. Keep on them and Good Luck!

Ra's Bayrut, Beyrouth, Lebanon #336367

Contact me and we might be able to have someone out there in 24 hours to have you installed the same day - kgreen@towerstream.com or 866-848-5848ext 475


I apologize for the troubles. If there is a large amount of work it very well can take extended amounts of time to get the service up to par for it to work properly. If you would like to email me at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com then I would be happy to look into this a bit further for your.



Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications

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