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How's this for an internet story....Keep in mind my internet goes off line on average about two whole days a week. My internet goes out in the evening last Saturday (Sept 3rd), stays line off the rest of the weekend all the way through Labor Day Monday. Finally, that Monday I call Mediacom to speak to someone. Mind you, Mediacom accounts for more minutes than any other number on my cell phone. Needless to say I have nothing good to say about their service...nothing.

Anyway, I call them, the rep tells me the earliest they can send a tech out is Sunday, Sept 11th between 5 and I make the appointment knowing full well that my internet will more than likely come back before the appointment scheduled six days later. Low and behold, the very next day (after Labor Day), before I even get out of bed, internet is back on. For the rest of the week the internet works fine, I receive an automated call from Mediacom on Saturday (September 10) asking if I need to keep my Sunday appointment with the tech and if not please cancel the appointment. I cancel the appointment for no other reason than my trying to be mindful of having a worker come to my place on a Sunday. I can't imagine someone being all too excited about that. Besides, my internet had been working fine the whole week.

This brings us to today. 6:38pm......internet goes out; precisely the time I was scheduled for tech. If you're wondering how I'm posting these comments, I'm on my work computer which has a wireless VPN card. I call Mediacom back and tell them everything I'm saying here. Again, they schedule a tech appointment.....September 23rd between 5-7. In the meantime it was recommended that I bring my modem into the local office and try swapping it for a different one.

I'm more than likely going to bring the modem along with my cable boxes and my check book to settle the account and cancel my internet and cable. It's been a second rate organization for more reasons than their poor service for as long as I've been a customer, and it's been some years.

They just now started to offer NFL league pass...I would never order something like that but I know people like it. They seem to be the only cable service where you can't subscribe to HBOGO. Second rate on so many levels and it costs way too much to be this second rate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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to rachel at mediacom u do not pay for vod service it is a free service until u rent a movie u pay per movie so ur complaint is irrelevant.

To kelanjay69 mediacom cannot give out local numbers because the small local offices are not equiped to handle the high call volume they would recieve. they wouldnt be able to do the job they are paid to do


WE HATE MEDIACOM!!! I can't even begin to describe just how good they are at being the WORST in customer service.

For a whole year we paid for on demand and it never even worked once. The people are SO rude because they know they can get away with it since they are a monopoly in my area. we finally just cancelled it all and they didn't even bother to ask why.

I guess they just don't care. They just want my money and unfortunately, they got a lot of it.


Good evening kelanjay69. My name is Dallas and I am a part of the social media team at Mediacom. I want to apologize for the ongoing problems you have had with your service. It's quite unacceptable for the internet to cut out as often as you describe. Please email me at and I will be happy to check your account out and do what I can to make things right.





So.....upon acting on yesterday's advice from the customer service representative I make plans to physically bring my internet modem into the local office to have it exchanged.

Since the local office isn't just right across the street of my home I figure I should probably call out to them ahead of time just to make sure I'm bringing everything I need. I go searching for a local number and all I'm able to find is the toll free number. I ask them if they have a direct number to the local office. Their response to me was they cannot provide me with a local's actually against company policy to give customers the phone numbers to their local offices. In other words, "yes....we have a local number; we're just not going to give it to you".

This means at some point in the not so distant past the administrative brass of Mediacom sat in a meeting somewhere and officially made a collective decision to NOT make their local 'customer service' representatives available to customers by way of incoming phone calls.

And whenever establishing policy it usually involves an official document that articulates the policy; something that one can hold in their hand and read. So in other word's it's likely that there is an actual document with someone's signature filed away somewhere in the Mediacom files or archives with this specific language for all of their staff to read.

So if you need the assistance from one of their local 'customer service' rep's in any way, shape or form you have to travel whatever the distance it takes to the office; show up unannounced to their desk--sometime during their hours of operation and (in my case) hope that have I everything necessary for a successful or at the very least, productive interaction.

So as a side note; if any of you ever actually go into a local Mediacom office and you happen to see a customer service rep sitting at a window station or desk; and they have a perfectly functional phone sitting near their person, just know going in--that phone is there for ANY and EVERONE who is NOT a Mediacom customer.

Now being someone who works in the area of customer service, maybe it's me being simply out-dated when it comes to the thought process of what's considered efficient and effective customer service being in part- making one's organization available to their constituents by way of a telephone. If I am old fashioned and out dated in that regard then I apologize. For some reason I have a hunch that's not the case. :grin

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