West Concord,Minnesota
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I pay for 100mb/s , I get 16 download and 20 upload. This has been an ongoing problem almost the last year.

I've had multiple techs out, lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars in lost wages for accommodating their schedules, countless hours on the phone, and this here is my proof the problem still exists. I was supposed to have a tech come out Monday, no show and no call. I was supposed to have a tech come out today, no call no show. I've talked to supervisors that promise the problem will be fixed.

No accountability at all.

I call and ask for credit and they say credit as added but then he bill comes and nothing ever is credited to my account and there is no history of my call.


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They provide speeds up to 100 mb/s not always guranteed unless you are paying for a dedicated circuit.

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