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I have had mediacom for a few years now and they are EASILY the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will start from the beginning.

I built a new home about 5 years ago and about halfway through construction I called mediacom to come out and run our tv cable from the box in to the house. I wanted to get it installed a little early so when I backfilled the yard and finished the outside, the cable would already be in. Well, they never did it. I called at least a dozen times between then and when we moved in, and they still would not come out and install the cable. Finally a couple months after we moved in they finally did come. Well, it was a snowstorm that day so the tech called and asked if he could come another day. I told him no since I had been waiting for 6 months already and I would not wait any longer. He did come out and ran the cable to the house, of course it was no where near where it was supposed to be since at this point I had already landscaped outside and the ground was frozen.

So next spring I called again to get the wire buried that was laying across our yard and I wanted to get it buried before I laid our new Sod. We kept calling and waiting and near the end of the summer (4 months later) we decided to lay our sod anyway. Of course, they came out to bury the line THE NEXT DAY, and thought it would be nice and easy to just lift up our sod and lay the cable underneath it. I obviously could have done that myself. Well, due to the cable being about 1/2" under the ground now, it got cut a few times over the next year or so. I broke down and hired a company out of my own pocket to come out and run a new wire from the box to the house, including through a retaining wall, to do what they should have years before and it would have been much easier then.

Flash forward a year or two, I decide to upgrade to digital cable. They needed to send out a tech to install a cable box and remove the filter from our line. The tech was set up to show up between 3 and 5:00 pm. I get a call at work at 9:00 in the morning from the tech saying he was sitting in front of my house and asking if I could come home right now? I told him, and I quote, "I will have a hard enough time getting off work to be there at 3:00, I can't come home now" BUT, I did tell him I would call a neighbor and have her come over and let him in. When she met him there, he handed her the box and had her sign the paperwork, and left. He never did anything! When i got home, I had to hook up the box myself and call in and get it authorized. Of course, he was too lazy to take the filter off the line so I had to go outside and break open the box and remove it myself to even get it to work.

Next one, I switched from the cable box, to a tivo with cable card slots. I had to have a tech come out and install the cards, plus pick up the old cable box. He could not figure our how to install the cable cards, so for the next 3 days I had to meet different techs there every day to try and figure it out. Finally I did a search on the internet and figured out how to do it myself.

After seeing the price go up so often, I call and tell them I want to go back to basic cable. So they need to send a tech out to pickup the cable cards and install a new filter on my line. Well, I took off work AGAIN and waited for him to show up and get the cards. He never did, he came and installed a filter on the line, but never picked up the cards. I called mediacom and told them, they said since he didn't pick them up, i would have to go drop them off at their office (25 miles away) I told them to forget it, it was their own lazy tech. They said they would mail some pre-paid mailers so I could just send them in the mail. Of course they never came either. Then they kept charging me for the next 3 months for the cards. I called and complained and they took care of the charges and told me I would get the mailers in a couple days. I still never got them and finally just brought them in myself.

I called and asked to get rid of cable tv all together and just wanted to keep internet. Of course they came today and put the filter on the line, but now I don't have internet. When I called them I was told I would have to wait 4 more days for the tech to be able to come back and fix it? I told them I need internet (work from home) and that wasn't going to work. I was just told I would have to wait. I told the mediacom CS guy that I was going to go out and remove the filter myself then since I needed internet now. He tried to tell me it wasn't the problem and I would need the tech's help. Well, I just got back from removing the filter on the line and as you can see, it fixed my problem. The tech is supposed to show up again in 4 days, just really nervous to find out what they will F-up that time.

This isn't even the dozen or so times I have called when there was an outage and was told "someone must be digging and hit a line" a little odd on a Sat. night at 10:00 or noon on a Sunday??

I am VERY close to just paying the $10 a month more to go with DSL or another option. It isn't worth the aggravation to save a couple dollars.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I just wanted to update this a little. I have asked Mediacom a few times over the years about buying my own modem instead of leasing theirs for $5 a month. I was told numerous times I had to lease.

I finally got an honest answer that told me I could buy my own to save the $5 a month. So about 8 months ago I bought my own modem and turned theirs in. First problem, I forgot the network cable at home. Yup, the $2 cable you can buy anywhere. I was told I need to drive 45 minutes home to get the cable or I would be charged $15. I wasn't going to do that, so I ran to a local store and just bought a new one for a couple bucks and turned it in. Fine.

Now fast forward 8 months or so, and I notice I am still getting charged the $5 a month for modem lease? Like I said above, every single time I have had the misfortune of dealing the them, they screw it up. I have had to contact them about 7-10 times over the last 10 years and EVERY SINGLE TIME they have f'ed something up. I can't imagine how they are still in business? If in my business 100% of the time I screwed up, I would be out of business. Just doesn't make sense.


I can completely understand your frustration based on your experiences. I would be more than happy to assist you if you would email your phone# or account# to me at at your earliest convenience.


Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications

to MediacomSupport #606488

Ok, I called them to get the modem fee removed and credited. They said they would call me back.

They never did. I called a week later, and was told my account was screwed up at the time, and they would call me back, they didn't.

I checked my bill online to see if they happened to credit me for the modem fee, not only did they not credit me, they upped my money bill by $10?????? WTF???

I will call them again and see what these idiots say this time. So they can not call me back again.

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