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There must be a way to cope with Mediacom. They are our only internet option and the problems are constant.

The signal drops constantly, or slows to barely useable. In less than 2 years we are on our 4th modem, everything has been rewired except on line that the tech didn't feel like messing with and our wifi won't talk to our printer. We bought a new printer, same problem. Paid a computer guy to battle it out with mediacom on the phone.

The printer worked for 2 weeks. The IT guys at the billion dollar corporation my husband works for gave it a try, it's a Mediacom problem. It's been 9 months since we could print from our computers. We actually gave up.

Now, when internet and cable goes out, their new trick is to tell you they'll be right out to fix it in 5-7 days. But if you upgrade to business internet, they'll be out in 24 hours. Yesterday, when everything went out for the second time in 4 days, they told us it was not an area problem, our neighbors were out as well and they were told the same thing. The nearest apointment available was a week out.

We had to just take that. Today when intenet was back on but tv is gone, we called again and got the same story. No one else is out. False again.

This time though, we started the conversation by asking if we could record the call for our records. We asked why our neighbors were also out. Lots of tap dancing about what they call an area outage. Then most amazing thing happened.

The appointment for this outage (as opposed to yesterday's) is for the end of today or tomorrow. It pays to record their calls. We also insisted that they keep the appointment for next week (the one we made yesterday) on the books. We told them we can't trust that any of this will be solved so we might as well bank appointments.

The guy argued at first that it couldn't be done. We insisted and it can be done.

Call it a backup or followup appointment and insist vehemently...while you record. If anyone else has any ideas, we'd love to hear them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Technical Support.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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