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I ordered internet service from Mediacom on the 9 so nearly two weeks ago and my installation day was today. I received 3 reminder phone calls of my installation time and date.

I was also informed that Mediacoms installation tech would call my listed phone number before he came to make sure I was going to be home. I'm in the military and couldn't get the whole day off to wait at home for the tech but had my phone at the ready all day and was given permission to leave work when I got the phone call from the technician. The phone call never came and upon arriving g home I found notice on my door saying the technician had already came and left and that I would have to reschedule my installation. I was furious because I have already waited 2 weeks for a service that I have already paid a deposit for and I am going out of town for leave starting tomorrow.

I called the customer service number outraged the person that answered put me on hold and called the dispatch office to see if the tech could come back out. They told her that they called several times which is an outright lie and the tech had already left the area so could not make it back out.

So now I'm waiting til the first week of sept to finally get a service I will have paid for a month prior. It'd disgusting unacceptable and had I not already paid a deposit I would strongly consider a different service provider.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Hearne, Texas, United States #756919

You paid a deposit. You aren't paying for the service until it's installed. Whine, whine, whine...

Buena Park, California, United States #706692


This is not the level of service we expect to provide to any of our customers. Please email me at with your account or phone number and I will work on getting this resolved for you.


Mediacom Social Media Team

to MediacomSupport Middletown, New York, United States #707762

you guys are so full of *** what did you supervisor tell u to write this

Middletown, New York, United States #706307

Ha ha ha you think they give a *** about you go else where and save your self troubles

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