I was a new customer in March of 2012. From day 1 it has been a nightmare!!! My internet and cable boxes have been changed out at least 9, yes nine, times "each" now, constant service interuption, pixelating, error messages, loss of internet connection,outages, etc...etc...etc...

I have now logged over 200, yes, 200 phone calls, and everyone tells me a differnet story when I call. I should write a book, and I do keep notes! But *** it I want a service I pay for and NOT getting!!! I don't think a week has gone by that I am not having trouble and having to call or just give up do to getting phone messages do to "HIGH VOLUME" of calls and not being able to speak to someone..... I have a different computer and have moved and still unsolved issues remain. Even my neighbors changed to Dish!

It's pretty bad when you have techs walking in unanounced, and then a manager with that tech the second time without knocking or rtinging the door bell. Again unanounced to the point you threaten to call the law.

Or arguing with tech support on the phone to no end or being called a liar to your face when they come to your home a week later and not see the problem!

I could go on and on to the point it would take several hours to write what all they have done or should say haven't done as far as holding up to thier end of the so called "Contract". And today Mediacom sends me 5 empty shipment boxes (Fedex) with 5 notes saying I wanted my service disconected. (I only have one tv, and one computer, one box) And had never officialy agreed to having it disconected just yet do to the charge for "Early Termination" which I have bene told $400,$240,$200, $90,????? WTH???

I told Mediacom a few days ago if they couldn't give me at least "one week" of interupted service then they could disconect me. (Guess they knew they couldn't, hence the shipment of 5 empty boxes)

And after just getting off the phone talking to someone who was to be a manager, to find out she wasn't a manager at all, and again I got conflicting stories! So Medicom, I refuse to pay a bill for SERVICE I DID "NOT" GET!!!!!

And Miss manager wanna be, you spoke of a contract I agreed to, well what about the "CONTRACT" ---YOU--- were to give ME when I signed up with this company?

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Bundle.

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Boonville, Missouri, United States #1181962

FYI!!! She's on a dating sight "Plenty of Fish"-----"blondie855" She's a gold digger. Run boy and don't look back!

to Anonymous Urbandale, Iowa, United States #1322622

she goes by shutterbug855....blondie855,,,her Bday 8/16/55 hence 855 her name is Celita Davine Smith She also goes by CC

to Anonymous #1323353

I hear she is doing some gold digging up toward chicago area

Burlington, Iowa, United States #1096041

Is this you CC Celita Davine Smith Just pay your bills.....Quit marrying/divorcing/changing names/address.....We honest ppl end up paying your bills......from below it looks like tou are in Ft Madison now....Gonna cheat them a while? We will end up paying for it


refuse to pay your bills you cant expect them to hook you up at different address diff name celita davine smith


Celita Davine Smith...........Keeping your bills paid up to date and you get better service..............200 phone calls????? They walk in on you w/o even knocking????? I can see why they would call tou a liar





This is not the experience that you should have with us, and I would certainly like to set things right. If' you'd like, please contact me at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com with your account information, along with a copy of this complaint and reference to this site, and we can begin working on these issues.



Mediacom Social Media Relations

to MediacomSupport Burlington, Iowa, United States #1072876

u will have the same problems with her she is installing at 2803 ave A ft madison

to shes crazee #1073063

that is 2803 ave A apt31 Ft Madison and she pulled one over on you not paying her past due bills

Davenport, Iowa, United States #650884

:( Mediacom has to be the worst company I have ever done business with! Each time I call, it's a different story, if you "are" able to get threw do to the "HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS"....

So guess after reading alot of the complaints here and hearing what people have to say about Medicom in person, I definately will be looking for another company! Too bad Keokuk doesn't have another company we can do business with.

And may be the reason Medicaom doesn't care how they do business, as they know they are the "only" one in town and can steal our money!!! :(

to shutterbug855 Burlington, Iowa, United States #1092053

celita divine smith divorcing re-marrying changing your name and address does not get you out of paying your bills.....People paying their bills end up having to pay for your non-payment

to dny Burlington, Iowa, United States #1095211

Celita Davine Smith.......People like this keep our bills going up !!!!!!!!

to dny #1096928

Dny is she on facebook? I cant find her....Some one should tell her what happens to our bills when people her-----Celita Davine Smith skip out on paying !!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous Burlington, Iowa, United States #1097650

does she go by CC or Celita??????

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