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I'm not a Mediacom customer but I have a Mediacom box in my back yard and about a year and a half ago they ran some additional cables through my yard but it looks like they stopped halfway through and left.There are 7 or 8 cables running above ground, and the box was left laying on the ground with all the connections exposed.

My dogs are now chewing on the cables. I have called and called and emailed for the past year and a half, and they have set up appointments and then done nothing about it.

I’m at the point where I told them I was going to unplug the cables if they don’t get it taken care of, and of course they threaten legal action if I did that.Do I have ANY rights to have my yard back to normal?

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mediacom employee

Join the hundreds of other people that I get call like this about.they will tell you time and time again they will get someone out there to fix it just to get you off the phone.

Our sups will tell us they have to wait we higher out to get that done not up to them.Good luck.

to mediacom employee #647525

also if its in the easement then is legal but if its on your property and left over 30 days then I think you should have some legal right then cause its on private property and not in the easement



I do understand your frustration with this issue and will be more than happy to get his issue escalated to Area Management to address. Can you send us an email with your service address and contact number to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com?

Thank You,

Mediacom Social Media Team

Scrooge McMuffin

I think you're well within your rights.If they do threaten to sue, then you have the evidence that they haven't done their job and didn't remove the box and cables.

You could counter sue and force them to remove the box or else they're in hot water, not you.

Of course I'm not the best at giving legal advice, but know this: Don't cow down because they threaten to sue.IF you have to take the issue to court, do it and show them these pictures.

to Scrooge McMuffin #659997

you have given them ample time to come out and take care of the lines. Walk out and cut off each wire where it hits your property.

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