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I have been using Mediacom in my area now for 15 years, mostly because that is all we can get here. Media com has this area locked up so that the only other option is AT&T.

Every time I call there internet technical support, I get some person reading out of a manual, and does not know how to fix his breakfast let alone anything else. Anyhow I pay for 100 mbs, and I was in the middle of streaming a movie from Amazon. I reset the modem, and checked on my laptop and android tablet, but the connection was super slow. I used check my PC speed which on a previous issue Mediacom suggested this site for speed test.

I am getting between 4 and 21 mbs. Called Tech support, he suggested everything I had already tried, could not come up with anything else, and now he wants tro send a technichian out to fix it and charge me more money.

Seems kind of funny that I start having an issue after I called them yesterday about my bill being wrong and proving it to them. If they had some competion from Cox, maybe they would make there stuff work, or lose customers.

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Springfield, Missouri, United States #875860

You said laptop and tablet, i assume you are using wireless?

If so that could be part of the cause of your speed issue. I have the 105 myself and due to the limitations of wi-fi tech i'm lucky to get 40 out of it on a good day (usually 25-30).

And remember THAT number is split between every device on the network actively using it.

If i directly hard wire into the modem however i get the full speeds (sometimes faster actually... my BF got a spike of 150 on steam last weekend). Sometimes getting a more powerful router can work, but you should assume you will at best get ~20-30% of the advertised speeds on the box max due to interference since that number is if the router and device were a few feet away in a shielded box.

If you live in a neighborhood or in the city you will probably get even less since everyone nearby will more than likely also have Wi-Fi.

If you have tried hard wiring into the modem before to avail forgive me, but i do know this is a common issue for people in my area.

So far it's always just been Wi-Fi limitations for the people with the higher packages.

TL;DR: Get a Cat5 cable and plug your laptop into the modem along with disabling it's Wi-Fi and see what your speeds are directly connected to the modem. A lot of people i know (including myself) just suffer the limitations of Wi-Fi tech and interference.

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