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Last year I upgraded my service because I was getting notifications that I was out of data. This upgrade resulted in missing channels and I had a feeling when I upgraded my service, that they didn't put the family package back on there.

I called customer service when I noticed there were several channels missing and I told the customer service rep that it was probably the case, and they assured me that wasn't the case I was still signed up for all the channels. They tried to reinitialize my cable cards, and told me they had a technician scheduled to come out, I was pretty irritated that I was going to have to wait 5 days, but I could barely understand the rep so I gave in on that. They also tried to tell me the problem was most likely my Tivo, and there could be a charge for the Tech. The next day I called again to try and get someone out sooner and reiterated that it seemed they had not added that package in, and once again I was assured it was, and a tech was scheduled for Saturday the 1st between 1 and 3.

I was really irritated at this point because it was obviously not a coincidence that I started missing channels after upgrading and having a new modem installed. So Saturday rolls around and no tech. Suffice to say at this point I was LIVID. I called again to complain about the tech not showing up and guess what, they were never actually scheduled.

And to make things even better--She looks at my account and says, "you aren't even set up to get those channels" Reeeeaaallllly! So their genius customer service strikes again. The best part is on Friday someone from your legal department calls me because I filed an FCC complaint about having to wait for 5+ days to get a tech out every time. She spends the better part of the conversation defending their customer service and long wait times for service calls....She says- Well I'm looking at the last five service calls since the beginning of last November and it seems that on two occasions we had someone out the next day- WTF- It doesn't even occur to her that five service calls since in 6 moths should be setting off warning bells and red flags.

That is Mediacom in a nutshell. And I mean NUT shell. I have been a Mediacom customer for almost 20 years. If there were any viable alternative as far as internet speed, I would ditch them in a fraction of a second.

The biggest problem with Mediacom is since they are "technically" not considered a utility, (a point they are happy to make) they can pretty much suck as bad as they want, and your only alternative is to go to dish for television and quest for DSL internet. The problem is that regular DSL is like dial up compared to a cable modem, and there is no high speed DSL where i live. My latest fiasco with these clowns involved my wife inadvertently using the wrong password to log into our account a couple of times, therefore locking us out of our account permanently.. To get back into our account, they informed me we would have to re-register and get this- they have to send a copy of our bill through the regular postal mail with a special pin to enter to re-register, because somehow even though mankind has managed to split the atom, put a man on the moon, take pictures of the other side of the universe, land several rovers on Mars, and send ships literally out of our own solar system- Mediacom can't figure out how to reset an account over the phone with an email.

And these are the people that I depend on for information exchange, frightening. I will most assuredly get some idiotic response from them saying they are "sorry I am having problems", and I will preface this with the same thing I always tell them- You are the ones with the problems, I just get to suffer because of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That is one long winded comment.

Every truly effective complainer knows that you've got to keep it short.

But I agree with much of what you stated ; how is this technology an improvement over what we "used" to have ... the Moon landing in 1969, my rotary dial phone could call Grandma on the other side of the country etc ....

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