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Update by user Jan 31, 2013

I just went online to see if I could get my internet for a lower price if I installed one of their phones...not that we would ever use it or even have a phone attached to it...anyhoo!I did a residential search, and they say that they do not provide service for where I live. I punched in all my neighbors.

They too cannot receive service. Sooooo, from whom are we getting our internet from? I'm paying them...yet they don't know it is in an area that they don't provide service too. Makes me want to not pay them after pointing out a screenshot of their *** website.

What a joke. It's almost become entertainment going back to their website occassionally and see how badly their website is updated and handled.

If their website is this bad, can you imagine their customer service!? laughable.

Update by user Jan 26, 2013

I continued to pursue the pricing. The local office sent me the special price sheet assigned to designated cities (all cities without any other internet options other than dial up, or hughes net), and that was high priced, but then I received an email from their corporate office and they quoted an even higher price.

I emailed them back saying "MAKE UP YOUR MIND! WHAT IS YOUR PRICING? WHAT AM I PAYING FOR?" Haven't heard boo from them, and I haven't implemented a viable change. They know they have rural communities by the balls, and will price them accordingly.

Dishonest Dishonest Dishonest. OH, and the internet is off and on lately.

I'm lucky I'm posting this. *** Mediacom.

Original review posted by user Dec 26, 2012

I was happily paying $24.95 for high speed internet at Mediacom Cable. Then my bill jumped to $49.95.

I went online to clarify what their per month pricing is, and what kind of internet package am I getting if I am paying $49.95? There is no price sheet listed. They do although put you through a question answer process that offers you a great internet package. If you sign up for that said great internet package, you even get an email confimation stating that you will get a phone call in 2 days.

I never got the phone call in the 5 times I signed up. I went through the BBB. They never responded. I asked for a price sheet.

Internet is listed as launch, prime, prime plus, and Ultra internet. My bill shows high speed basic/online intro. OK, so what the *** speed is that? What am I buying?

Since I'm not being billed $19.95 as promised, I have to assume (since they never make contact back, and when I reach them, EVERYONE is confused and pissed) that I must be getting the Ultra package...but yet I doubt it. Sadly, my options are extremely limited in Podunk USA, which is how they make their money. It's screwing over people with little to no options. I feel sorry for the customer service reps that have to listen to the Mediacom cable company's customers.

They are rightfully complaining about something that they have no power to correct because no one is there to make them honest.

They can lie and get away with it. Yay Mediacom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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im seriously about to cancel my mediacom service .from day one my internet has not worked ive had mediacom come and give me a new modem/router 3 times .each time had the same issue my prime internet is supposed to be 15mps but im not getting anywhere close to that .. .also it wont stay connected witch is my main issue .it cuts off like every ten mins .every time i call i get put through to the sales people for the most ridiculously priced antivirus package 200$ witch is not needed im an it pro my computer is protected i scan it daily it never has a virus it acts normal other than my internet being slow as *** and cutting off constantly .and of course i live in an area where mediacom is pretty much the only provider .so they *** just because they can .they dont care about pleasing customers they just want your money.

even after replacing the mediacom netgear modem/router i went and purchased my own dam modem and router (they still charge me for modem rental) because i didn't know what else to do my problem hasnt changed .im so sick of calling them and being spoken to like im a *** who doesn't know *** about computers when tbh i know more than the call center idiots do that just read a *** script. ive had it with mediacom .im going to make sure everyone i know .knows how bad they are


Hello "etath",

I will be happy to look into this billing issue for you and have a representative contact you. Can you email us at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com with your account or phone number?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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