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It's hard to work from home when your internet shuts down at least once a day for a 4 hrs. Contacted a rep and they said it was my modem and they could not provide me with one so i had to go and buy my own modem. This did not fix anything , contacted rep again said it was my computer and i had to go out and buy a new computer, this did not fix my problem, I still lose internet on a regular basis and they don't even attempt to find the real issue media com cost me 4 hrs of work a day and i still have to pay for internet i cant use.

Your customer service reps are among the rudest I have ever spoke to, they fix absolutely nothing and just Insult me on the phone. And to top it off i can't even leave this thieving company without paying some outrageous early disconnect fee even though my contract ended long ago

long story short they're thieves with *** service

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Lies. They can give you a modem anytime and there is no disconnection fee IF your contract is over. I bet the reps are responding to your mistreatment of them when you call in, too.

Middletown, New York, United States #707765

If you work from home you should be paying business rate not Residential Mediacom Needs to Increase you bill

Buena Park, California, United States #706691


This is not the level of service we expect to provide to any of our customers. Please email me at with your account or phone number and I will work on getting this resolved for you.


Mediacom Social Media Team

to MediacomSupport Middletown, New York, United States #707767

give me a break Really???

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