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First off the sent a sub-contractor to my house who was to install my internet about 14 months ago who sold me a router and modem and told me it was Mediacom equipment and he said it's $100 dollars so I paid him and ya guess what 3 months later it broke they said that wasn't there equipment had no records of him or who he was! And that I had to pay for another guy to come over and do it again!

And by the way there the only ones in my area that I can get! Have called them several times because im on my third modem and I bought my own router this time! But the customer service sucks and I write down all the times I call and have to refer to what it is because they have no records of me EVER CALLING! And then at the end of my one year there is a little extra gift they give you of a $15 dollar charge and the reason you ask?

It's because I don't purchase any other services from them! Yes they charge you because you are denying there cable and phone! Is that even legal?? They said they would wave that charge but the next month on my bill ya it's still there and NO they didn't remove anything they added a charge for being late when I sent them a $50 dollar payment and ya they have no idea who that was or records of it or the call it's self!

And I have the ID FOR BOTH! 2CO and Ed 4504. And by the way because I didn't know they didn't wave that charge I got a call from some guy that says that he's coming to get my equipment and guess what they don't even know what I have in my house! So when he said he was coming for 2 routers I said, that's a problem I only have one and that's the one I bought!

And I told Ed Id 4504 who is supposedly a supervisor, and guess what he said we don't even have record of that modum at that house. WOW!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Installation.

Reason of review: It's every one of the above!.

Monetary Loss: $500.


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I'm sorry to hear of this poor experience. I assure you that this is not the level of service that we strive for, and I would like to assist in any way that I can to correct this trouble and improve your service experience.

If you'd like, please send us your account details, along with a brief description of the trouble, to our team at We hope to hear from you!

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