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Couple years ago I got sick of my previous internet provider & signed on with Mediacom. Was told I would have installation within a couple days.

Told my previous provider to take a hike. Sure enough, on said day the installer was at my door only to tell me I would not be able to get service until the frost goes out in the spring, a good five months away. This marked the first of my frustrations...they couldn't tell me that when I called?? With luck, we had an early spring (end of March/beginning of April).

I called to find out when they would be coming. Nope, they couldn't be there until "maybe" end of May. We argued back and forth for at least two months about the price I was guaranteed to pay and the installation. I got nowhere.

I finally got sick of being that frustrated and I wasn't even a customer yet, that I went with CenturyLink, who was there in a couple days, and I was a happy camper once again. Which takes me a couple years later when my mother, who moved into a new home in town was not able to get her CenturyLink moved to the new home needed internet & I couldn't recommend she go with my previous provider, and the frustrations of Mediacom had not faded at all. She decided to try Mediacom any way. For THREE SOLID WEEKS, their Customer Service jerked her around, telling her somebody would have to verify her home existed (seriously), not calling her back AT ALL, telling her the installer would be there one day, he not showing up, she'd call, they'd say they knew nothing about it, arranging another installation day and told her that she'd have to be there between 8 am and 8 pm - 12 FRICKIN' HOURS, and again, he wouldn't show, and she'd call & they'd tell her nothing was scheduled.

OMG, it went on forever.

Now she was experiencing my frustration with this company. We finally got her a hot spot from Verizon and she doesn't have to deal with this ridiculous excuse for a company, who by the way, have never called her back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mediacom is terrible! I had the bundle, even though I didn't need or want the home phone, but it was cheaper with the bundle.

Cancelled the internet because it was always shutting down on me and no one could ever fix it. Techs were at my home numerous times and I had to be here and wait 4 hrs. every time for them to show up. Went with Centurylink internet and it's been GREAT.

Now my cable T.V. goes down at least one night a week. I watch T.V. at night because I work second shift.

I was told it's regular maintenance. Holy cow, REALLY!. They have to do maintenance EVERY week? I was told they would not credit my account because it was a standard shut down.

Looking into a new cable T.V. provider.

DO NOT go with Mediacom. You will be sorry!

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