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Worst Internet Service in the globe.

A transcript of your conversation will be sent after the chat session is over.You:Statement overchargedMediacom Chat:Hello, welcome to Mediacom chat.

Are you a Mediacom customer?You:Yes..Mediacom Chat:I will connect you with a live agent who can help you. Please wait.Sent at 8:32:04 AM.Jomar has entered.Jomar:Hi, Gopinath. Welcome to Mediacom Chat.Jomar:Good Morning! How was your day so far? I hope everything is doing well.You:Hello.. Good Morning..You:Yes. It is Friday :)Sent at 8:35:20 AM.Jomar:Great to hear that, Gopinath.You:It looks like my account is over charged.Jomar:I have read your concern, I will be glad to assist you with this matter.Jomar:Before we can proceed, can I have your complete address as well as the last 4 digits of your SSN for verification purposes?You:5620 34th ave, apt 5B, moline, IL - 51265You:61265*You:SSN: 3244Sent at 8:36:58 AM.Jomar:Thank you for providing this information.Jomar:Please give me a moment to pull up your account.Sent at 8:37:47 AM.Jomar:Thank you for waiting. I am still processing your concern. Please give me another 2 to 3 minutes.You:okJomar:Thank you.Sent at 8:41:04 AM.Jomar:Can you tell me more about your concern, please?Sent at 8:41:55 AM.You:yesJomar:Thank you.You:I am in a 15 mbps bandwidth plan which costs only $39.95 per month including the modem rentalSent at 8:43:46 AM.You:But my first month bill is charged for $ 81.96. I have no idea whats going onJomar:Oh, I see.You:already I am getting poor speed..Jomar:I am happy to explain that to you.Jomar:Please allow me a moment.You:hardly only 4 to 5 mbps.. this billing discrepancy is adding to the frustationSent at 8:45:10 AM.Jomar:I understand what you feel, Gopinath. Please bear with me, I will explain it all for you.Sent at 8:45:55 AM.You:sureSent at 8:46:39 AM.Jomar:I can see that your monthly rate is indeed $39.95 only; however, it is a policy of the company that we charge our customer 2 months of there bill as the first bill.Sent at 8:47:10 AM.Jomar:So basically, you are now billed for October - December.You:pre billed..?Sent at 8:47:55 AM.Jomar:Yes.Jomar:That is your first bill.You:i wasn't told about this.Sent at 8:48:43 AM.You:I am Sorry to say this but.. Already I am disappointed with the service. this pre charges really driving me crazy..Jomar:I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, Gopinath.Sent at 8:50:21 AM.Jomar:We don't have the control for this, since it is the company policy.Sent at 8:50:51 AM.Jomar:Rest assured that after this bill, you will be charged for monthly rate.You:so when would be my next bill.Sent at 8:52:50 AM.Jomar:Your receive the bill every month; however, it is always advance.Sent at 8:54:25 AM.You:now that you already charged me till December. Am I still supposed to get another one for November also..?Jomar:Next month you will be for January bill.Sent at 8:55:35 AM.You:I am not understanding your policy. Please explain.You:I got my connection on 09/17You:I paid the technician in hand $60You:on the day of installation.Jomar:Alright.You:that is for october month right..?You:so this is not my first bill.You:this is second bill.Sent at 8:57:37 AM.Jomar:I am still checking on your account. Please allow me a moment.Sent at 8:58:09 AM.Jomar:I can see here that your billing cycle is in every 22nd day of the month. The bill that you received now is for 10/02/14 - 12/01/14.Sent at 9:00:09 AM.Jomar:The next bill you will receive is for the bill for 01/02 - 02/01.Jomar:That bill will be just $39.95.Sent at 9:01:54 AM.Jomar:Are you still with me?Sent at 9:03:26 AM.You:yesJomar:Did I answer your question, Gopinath?You:not yet..You:I already paid for October..You:so the bill I am going to pay is for November and December.?Jomar:Yes.You:then the next bill I am going to get is only on Decber right..?You:december*Jomar:That is right, Gopinath.You:So I won't be getting any bill in November.You:?Sent at 9:06:41 AM.You:my next bill in Dec going to have the charge for January..?Sent at 9:07:31 AM.Jomar:The next bill you will receive is for January.Jomar:So you will receive that bill on December.Jomar:Since you already got the bill for November and December.You:Hmmm...You:Are you really sure?Jomar:Yes. Absolutely!You:Okie. let me see..Sent at 9:09:34 AM.Jomar:Alright.You:But to be honest and frankly saying mediacom has no clarity and transparency in the services. In the Quadcities area people are going with mediacomm because of no other option.Jomar:I do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, Gopinath.You:I am not getting what I pay for.Jomar:It is just miscommunication between 2 parties.You:I pay for 15 mbps plan and getting only half of the speed.You:I requested a service with technician..Jomar:I can assure you that Mediacom is not charging the customers for the services that they don't used.You:and he checked and told me to use LAN cable instead of wireless.Jomar:For the internet speed issue. I can try to fix it on my end.You:to get good speed.. But the bitter question still remains unanswered.You:In the hours of 6 pm to 11 pm the speed is even worse.. it is only 2 to 3 mbpsYou:trust me pleasSent at 9:14:11 AM.Jomar:For your speed issue, can I asked if you have tried power cycling your modem?Jomar:I trust and believe you, Gopinath.Sent at 9:15:02 AM.Jomar:Can you try to run a speed test to know your current speed?You:I am not at home now.You:But I am sure Now it will be somewhat better brtween 7 - 9 mbpsYou:evening times are horrible.Jomar:Oh, I see. The best thing I can do is to send a signal to refresh the modem and boost the signal.Sent at 9:16:34 AM.You:Jomar, Do you know onething, when I called Mediacom tech support to report the bandwidth issue, I was asked to upgrade the plan the 50 MBPSSent at 9:17:48 AM.Jomar:Alright.Jomar:I understand that, Gopinath.Sent at 9:18:47 AM.You:Wasn't it an shocking answer.? When I am not getting the speed what I am paying for how can one go to upgrade the next plan.. PLease help your customers and have them appreciate you for the money we paySent at 9:19:24 AM.Jomar:Thank you so much for your concern, Gopinath. This will affect us and we are still looking forward to serve you better.You:I am sorry, If I am rude.. But this is the only one painful internet service I have ever used. I have been a AT&T and COX customer.. But first time to Mediacom as there is no other choice..Jomar:I understand that, Gopinath.You:Can you please log this chat in a support ticket give me a incident#You:I would like to followup on this. I know I am taking lot of your time and you have other customers waiting in the ***.Sent at 9:21:49 AM.Jomar:Please allow me a moment to check what I can do for this, Gopinath.Sent at 9:22:28 AM.Jomar:Just to verify, you wanted me to create a ticket for this issue?Sent at 9:23:05 AM.Jomar:Just to set your expectation, I can create a ticket if this is a repeated incidence.You:Yes. Please. I would appreciate if you copy this chat also into that for future references. It will save timeSent at 9:23:56 AM.Jomar:Actually, you can save this chat on your end. You can click the save button.You:I dont want to duplicate all this effort by explaning my situation to another mediacom representative.Sent at 9:24:53 AM.Jomar:Yes. I totally understand that, Gopinath.Jomar:I can only take this chat noted on your account, Gopinath.You:Yes> Can save it. But please create an incident and log this at your side too.. Because when I am going to call Mediacom next time to report the slow bandwidth issue, they should be able to look into this.Sent at 9:26:05 AM.Jomar:Alright.Sent at 9:27:02 AM.You:because, I am already starting to think if all the customer support calls and chat are illusions or hallucinations. Because NO resolution to the problem and I keep getting you over and over again.Sent at 9:28:42 AM.Jomar:I am sorry to hear that, Gopinath.Sent at 9:29:17 AM.You:I Know the pain of a customer support representative. I also worked as support person for more than 4 yrs for the worlds big retailer..Sent at 9:30:04 AM.Jomar:I appreciated the way you complement the customer support representatives, Gopinath.You::)Jomar:Is there anything else I can assist you with?Sent at 9:31:34 AM.You:Absolutely.. just two questions 1. "what is the resolution for my bandwidth issue"You:2. Are you going to log this chat in a incident and give me a reference#Sent at 9:32:32 AM.Jomar:Since you are at home, we can't troubleshoot is on our end. We need your cooperation performing the troubleshooting steps that we have here in our end.Sent at 9:33:03 AM.Jomar:We can only create a ticket if the issue is repeated. Since you have only one service call done so far, we can't create a ticket for you.Sent at 9:34:12 AM.You:Jomar. This is my second time reporting the issueSent at 9:34:43 AM.You:Please check my account. I already had one service appointment on Tuesday this werkYou:week*You:but no resolution.Jomar:The best thing the you can do is to contact us back if you are at home so we can perform the troubleshooting, after the troubleshooting and still nothing happens, we can send a tech for them to check on your end.Sent at 9:35:39 AM.Jomar:I can see that, Gopinath.Sent at 9:36:12 AM.You:okie. I cannot be to too stubborn.. Let me monitor for few days. I the speed continues to be worse, I will connect with you guys when I am in home.You:if the*Jomar:The sounds a good plan, Gopinath. I am willing to help you further with this issue.Jomar:Please contact us again if you still got this kind of issue.You:Can I use your name for future references.,? would that helpSent at 9:38:22 AM.Jomar:Yes. If you will contact us back through chat, you can use my name and possibly connect to me again.Sent at 9:39:13 AM.You:Thanks.. sorry for taking so long.. But I hope you can understand my situation .. Have a nice day !!Sent at 9:40:00 AM.Jomar:You're welcome. I absolutely understand what you have been through. Thank you for contacting Mediacom Chat. Enjoy the rest of the day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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